Hi, I am Yakub Azimov

I am a young self-disciplined and motivated athlete who loves to think out of the box and solve problems. I have a strong passion for sport, food and good humour; love putting a smile on other people’s faces and playing with my siblings. I am excited about the future and hopeful that my interests, unquenchable curiosity and hard work will serve as a stepping stones to success in various fields including performing arts. The desire for knowledge and the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded peers are the basis of my motivation to pursue further education. I will aim to reach my potential in sports and excel in subjects such as maths or space science. But my ultimate goal is to become an Olympian.

Academic achievements

  • Able to read independently elaborate language books at age of 4
  • Junior Aspiration Project at King’s College School, Wimbledon; 2022-2023
  • Autumn 2022 Primary Mathematics Masterclasses at The Royal Institution
  • Battle of the Books Winner 2022 – Round 1 – the Quiz (team and individual)
  • Ronald Ross school council (Y2,Y3,Y4)
  • 2 times winner of a 1st place in Wandsworth, Sumdog Maths Competition; Y3,Y4,Y5; (1000 Questions correctly answered)
  • 5 times winner of RR School Medal (Literacy: creative writing, persuasive letter, Maths: timetables, Mats competitions, etc.); 2019 till date
  • multiple, various Ronal Ross Primary School Achievement Awards (e.g.: consistently diligent approach to work, being a great role model, 100% attendance, etc.); 2019-till date
  • BBC 500 Word 2020 Competitor
  • National Geographic Competition 2021 – quiz prize winner
  • The Wandsworth 24 Game KS1 Tournament 2020 – RR 3 participant Team, Bronze Award and 1st place individual.
  • several awards from Oasis Academy Putney, ‘Excellent Learners Certificate’ (liking challenge, effort, Competitive Award); 2017-2020

Extra curricular activities & Hobbies

• Sport, extremely flexible (an all-rounder)

• Good maths skills

• Grand comprehension, analysis and memory

• Gastronomy

• Creativity and great adaptability

• Martial Art of Taekwondo (Poom black belt)

• Cycling

• Musical instruments: Drums, guitar, clarinet, piano, flute

• Nature

Clubs and Societies

  • SWL Gymnastics Competition 2022 – 1st place in male group, 1st place for combination.
  • Putney Primary School Cross Country Run 2022 – Sport Certificate
  • The World Tae Kwon Do Federation 2022 – The Best Effort and Skills Prize
  • Wild Tigers at The British Museum London 2021 - attendee
  • 4th KMAMA Open Online World Championships 2021 - 2nd place winner
  • 3rd KMAMA (due to Covid Online) Live Championships World Wide 2020 – 2nd place winner
  • TKD & TGMS Form KMAMA Championships – 1st place gold winner 2019
  • Fulham Football after-school Club, Oasis Academy Putney – several awards 2018-2020
  • All Stars Tennis, after-school club, Oasis Academy Putney- awards in 2019-2020
  • Taekwondo – Black Belt holder, certified by International Taekwondo Headquarters Kukkiwon; member of Wild Tiger Martial Arts club, 2017 - till date
  • Swimming Club – Putney leisure Centre (weekly, since 2018, level-advanced, several awards)
  • SGsport Soccer School since 2021 - 2023
  • Fulham FC Football Skills club September 2023 till date
  • K&P Kestrel Club - Athletics 2023 till date
  • Glee Club at Ronald Ross School; weekly









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